Safety Committees

We have two Safety Committees at International Decorators. Both are lead by our Safety Manager, Tyler Stark. We previously had one Safety Committee consisting of our upper management and field personnel mixed together and it evolved into two separate safety committees as we felt the field personnel would feel less pressure to really tell the truth about safety if their bosses aren’t sitting there listening.

Management Safety Committee
Consists of our Safety Manager, 5 Officers, 6 Superintendents and our Warehouse Manager. We meet 6 times a year or every other month. We discuss anything and everything when it comes to safety. We always start the meeting by reviewing our annual safety goals and statistics to see how we are measuring up. We discuss any injuries, incidents and near-misses that occurred since we last met and develop corrective measures to implement with our personnel to prevent a reoccurrence. We review previous injuries, discuss reserves, plans of action, etc. We look at new equipment demonstrations to keep abreast of the latest state of the art safety equipment and tools. We review our safety policies & procedures and update them as needed. We develop new safety policies and procedures on an as needed basis. We discuss what safety training topics would benefit our employees the most for our upcoming quarterly safety meetings. We review the minutes from the Field Safety Committee and approve or disapprove of their safety recommendations.

Field Safety Committee
Consists of our Safety Manager, a carpenter, taper, painter, acoustic carpenter and a drywall hanger. This committee also meets 6 times a year or every other month. The same topics as mentioned above are covered. In addition, we ask the field safety committee members to tell us what is really going on with safety out in the field. We advise them that this is their safety committee and they can say whatever they want in this committee regarding safety without ramifications. We need to hear the truth on what is right or what is wrong with our safety culture, our safety training, etc., so we can improve on it for the betterment of the company, themselves, their co-workers and their families.

We have had excellent results with the two safety committee format.


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