Safety Training Programs

Safety Orientation
All new hires attend a 2 hour long hands-on safety orientation at our office with our Safety Director. There, they also receive our Employee Safety Packet in English and/or Spanish which contains our safety policies and procedures and they sign off that they received and understood them.

Quarterly Safety Meetings
Every quarter, we perform a 2-hour safety training session with our employees on a safety topic that is integral or timely as to what is going on with the company. Over the last 12 years, our Safety Director has hosted 47 quarterly safety training meetings. The meeting topics are attached. In addition to the quarterly safety training sessions, a large part of our work force has been OSHA 10-hour and/or OSHA 30-hour trained.

Tool/Equipment/Site Specific
We perform ongoing safety training as needed, based on an employee’s experience or lack thereof with our various tools, equipment and job site specific training needs.

Safety Coordinator Training
We perform safety training with our field leaders of which we call “Safety Coordinators.” This is training above and beyond the quarterly meetings. We have trained them on
topics such as leadership skills, competent person training, accident investigation, additional scaffold training, coaching employees, disciplining employees, etc. We have approximately 46 Safety Coordinators. Each Safety Coordinator carries a manual which contains our toolbox talks, safety inspection forms, field accident report forms, our Assured Ground Program and our “Unsafe Act Hot List.”

The role of the Safety Coordinator is to be a leader of safety in the field. They are expected to lead by example when it comes to safety by always working in a safe manner and helping us to reach our safety goals. Safety Coordinators help ensure that our job sites are safe to work at and that our employees are working in a safe manner.


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